Salesforce – Terms

This table will continue to be updated.

Last update 06/20/2021

ObjectRepresents business ideas being stored. Akin to a database table that can be customized for new properties (aka columns). There are out of the box Objects that come with Salesforce (ex. Accounts, Contacts) but you can also add any custom Object you like to fit your business.
appSet of associated salesforce instance artifacts that support a business process. Think of an app like a specialized user interface to support a specific user or users in a role.
RecordsAkin to a row in a database. Think of a record as an instance that captures state details about an Object. You can also think of it like a row in a spreadsheet that captures details about whatever the row is indicating.
FieldsColumns in a record (and hence, the Object definition). Again, think about this as a column in a spreadsheet. It also has characteristics like type (number, date, currency) and can refer to other objects or discrete lookup lists.
orgInstance of salesforce that reflects your business. An instance is like a new copy of a spreadsheet that supports just your org, with your customizations, and your user types and roles that reflect your specific needs and permissions for your company.