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  • I did a podcast!

    James Studdart had me on his podcast, Cynical Developer, to talk about Angular2. It was my first time doing a podcast .. and I got to do it 2 times because of technical difficulties for the first recording. 🙂 Which was actually good for me because the first take was pretty rough (for me) and …

    February 13, 2017
  • Share some Observable love (how share() works in Observable + angular2)

    Summary I’m still relatively new to RxJs (5). They have some good documentation (more in progress) but a lot of it is just experience and understanding the mental model. This blog is about the .share() operator and how it impacts angular2 especially regarding the async pipe. The share() operator allows multiple streams to be watched/subscribed but …

    April 24, 2016
  • HTML5 and Docker

    Summary If you’ve ever messed with UI programming that utilized the ‘hash’ URL technique for invoking UI actions, it’s time to go html5 native! This blog post will describe how to setup an apache docker container with the pieces enabled for URL Rewriting. This allows html5 ‘pushState’ to be utilized instead of hash operations. Some …

    February 14, 2016