A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins At A Trailhead!

A little background, I’ve been interested/following a path towards Financial Independence for years now and have been listening to the Choose FI Podcast since it began (along with other amazing podcasts). They had Bradley Rice as a guest on an episode where he talked about Salesforce and his journey with the technology. It got my wheels turning about the flexibility of the type of work and the ability to use a well bounded piece of software to solve lots of business problems. I love the idea of helping a business solve problems with a solution that’s already created with common business needs in mind. Throughout my career the moments I’ve been most proud of revolve around taking annoying procedures in a company and optimizing them (either via programming or many times DevOps). Fast forward to the beginning of 2021 and Bradley and Jonathan (from ChooseFI) put together a free 5 day Salesforce course via Talent Stacker. I tried it and liked it but left it there to simmer for awhile.

This brings us to mid 2021 and I’ve been putting more time into Trailhead, the Salesforce online training playground, and started to really enjoy it. I’ve queued up a couple additional Salesforce specific podcasts to try to immerse myself into the types of roles people serve in different companies, with the idea that maybe I can freelance on this someday. In the short term I intend on utilizing Salesforce to help my wife’s business (Get Fit With Ashley) to optimize how she stores information (and give me VERY real-world experience with using Salesforce to solve real problems in running a business). Currently she uses another piece of software (Smartsheet) and has had a lot of success with it, but she has a LOT of duplicate records across her spreadsheets and has to utilize a lot of reports in order to bring it all together. My hope is I can make this an easier process for her, while giving me a much deeper understanding of the platform than if I was doing this in a more pure academic/certification-centric approach.

So, without using up ALL my words, my goal is to:

  • Utilize Salesforce for my wife’s business and get real-world experience in doing so
  • Document my notes in a place I can revisit them when I try for my Admin Certification
  • Detail my journey towards the above on the off chance someone can benefit from any of the thoughts/experiences I have
  • Look back over time at what I’ve learned, what I’ve done with it, where it took me (it’s always interesting looking back at your life and words at different times and remembering where you were mentally relative to where you have gone)

I hope I look back on this first post as a first step towards an interesting journey. No matter where it brings me, learning Salesforce has been fun and I believe it will make an impact on my wife’s company, if nothing else.

Thanks for reading!