libinput and ubuntu 15.10 + 16.04

Why is there an issue?

One area that X has really fallen down on is the driver for the touchpad. It’s passable if you tweak it .. but why settle for passable? Shouldn’t the open source world have a KILLER touchpad implementation ala OSX?

For a very brief time I owned a Macbook Air and that’s the single biggest thing I miss about that hardware – Apple completely NAILED their touchpad feel. It feels natural and like an extension of your hand/fingers. You NEVER are frustrated with it.

…in steps libinput

You can read about libinput gory details on the projects wiki page. The long and short of it is that with wayland maturing and with the touchpad driver tightly coupled with xorg (and not very good or modern) there was a need for a better designed driver. Peter Hutterer (who-t) and some others have spearheaded this effort and have something quite polished and ready to show for it. And the best thing is you can run it as the driver within xorg!!!! This means you don’t have to run wayland OR Mir to enjoy your cake NOW!!! CAKE!!!

How do I run it!?

If you are running ubuntu 15.10 or 16.04, I answered the question on askubuntu. I’m not sure the steps on other distributions …

I also imagine this won’t be fully integrated into Ubuntu system configurations until Mir is integrated (i.e. natural scrolling checkbox, increase/decrease double click time/other tweaks via the Control Panel). Canonical has announced that they intend on utilizing libinput, I hope this is still true – it would be lovely if this integrated into the Control Panel in 15.10 if you install libinput – for now follow my directions on askubuntu (link above) and adjust the text file to add PalmDetection and Tapping.